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This set of activities are intended to be extra credit for students taking Accelerated PreCalculus with Sandi Yoder at Campbell High School.  You will have the entire semester to complete it but class time will not be devoted to it.  I will be happy to help you with any questions you might have and I will provide time and access to computers outside of the school day for you.  However, I will not be supervising you in any way.  You are to do this independently.  I may allow you to work with a partner, after we have decided, as a class, how we want it to count.  Possibilities are:
  • Replacing your lowest test score with what you earn on the Webquest
  • Taking the total points and allowing you to choose how to distribute them
  • An exemption from the final exam (you will have the grade you have going into the final, the grade on the Webquest will not count as your final exam grade)